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Escape Hunt is a unique experience that is incredibly fun, universally engaging and highly beneficial for teamwork and problem solving.

As teams of world famous detectives (up to 6 per team) ‘locked’ inside a themed room, your mission is to solve the crime in 60 adrenalin packed minutes by using teamwork, mental and observation skills to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes to beat the clock and be the first team to escape.


  • Fast-paced escape games to build teamwork, challenge thinking and have fun
    • Our games are designed to be challenging but solvable with good teamwork, observation, problem-solving and communication
    • Experienced Game Masters on hand to support teams if needed
    • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels as no strenuous physical activity involved
  •  Fully customisable experiences that meet your needs
    • 6 games rooms offering 3 unique adventures
    • Ability to accommodate up to 72 people
    • Exclusive use of our premises
    • Gift / prize options available
  •  It’s the attention to detail and our unique features that makes Escape Hunt a memorable event
    • Atmospheric spacious themed lounge area
    • Team photo opportunities dressed in our signature detective outfits
    • Complimentary refreshments
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Hyderabad’s Financial District (SLN Terminus in Gachibowli)


Our experience shows that the ideal program is a combination of game play followed by group work but you can choose to just play the game only.  This can all be adapted for various group sizes, different times of the day, and to suit corporate needs. Here is the format for a typical 3 hour event:

  1. Play our world famous escape games in groups of 2 to 6 players per room (60 mins).
  2. Break to relax and have complimentary refreshments (30 mins).
  3. Group exercises in our team building area. These can be ice breaking, sales training, customer service training, team building or even IQ training (60 mins).
  4. De-brief and close (30 mins).


We are able to accommodate up to 36 people at a time in our 6 game rooms. We handle group sizes from 12 to 72 easily and more by special arrangement.

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