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The Escape Hunt Experience is a unique adventure based on the classic “escape the room” online games popular in many countries around the world. Players are locked in a room with objects and decoration to match the theme of the game and, as a team, they have to search the room for clues to solve the mystery in order to be able to escape. Each room has a dedicated Game Master who is there to help if necessary.

As each game is 60 minutes long, teams will be playing against the clock to solve the mystery within that time. After the game, the players are invited to our lounge to relax with some refreshments and take pictures in our special Escape Hunt detective costumes. The entire experience lasts 90 minutes.

Our experience is unique and unlike any other interactive adventure game anywhere in the world!

Who can play The Escape Hunt Experience?  The Escape Hunt Experience is aimed at anyone with a sense of fun who likes puzzles and fun brain teasers, or for our more advanced games, anyone who is up for a challenge. We have intentionally designed the adventures to appeal to different age groups, genders and backgrounds.  We find that these games are enjoyed by tourists, expats and locals equally. The games are exciting, addictive, challenging, educational & above all, heaps of fun!

The Escape Hunt Experience is fantastic fun for friends, families, corporate groups, and all ability levels, giving you memories to treasure for years to come!